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Something is Happening to Local Worship

There is a beautiful movement of global worship and creativity in our world today, but for many local artists serving inside their own local communities, there is a crisis of identity.

Artists choosing to serve the local church are living with enormous pressure to use their talents and resources to achieve success, rather than simply creating  art that connects with God’s movement in their communities. In many cases, these expectations can cripple the local artists, forcing them to fit into the status quo.

“United Adoration has restored a gift that had been shut down in my life!”

Barb – Retreat Attendee

As local artists and pastors, we understand the struggle… and like you, we’ve felt the pressure to place some metric of success over the desire to create art that reflects what God is doing in our own community.

In the tension of this broken system, we’ve discovered that there is another way.ay.

United Adoration is at the forefront of a growing movement of artists and pastors working together to bring worship and creativity back to its local context. Now serving on multiple continents, United Adoration hosts retreats that empower artists, and the local church, to create art that is meaningful to the communities that matter most to them… their own.



Connect and collaborate with other artists in your area.



Engage with the Holy Spirit and create art that is meaningful to you and your community.


Spend time with God and grow together within a community of artists.

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