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Bringing artists together for the glory of God, the healing of His Church and the empowerment of local congregations to sing their song, tell their story and move forward in their mission.

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About United Adoration

Sacred Space

Hosting songwriting retreats where the Holy Spirit can care for the soul of the artist

Creative Community

Training local leaders to develop rhythms of ongoing collaboration and encouragement

Local Mission

Empowering the local church to release the songs and sounds that inspire believers to impact their city

Global Vision

Celebrating the unique things that God is doing in and through creative communities around the world

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The Cross Is

The Cross Is

A lyrically strong song based off The Prayer of St. Yared

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Recent Songs

The Cross Is

The Cross Is

A lyrically strong song based off The Prayer of St. Yared

Sweet Exchange

Sweet Exchange

Based off of a liturgical healing prayer, Sweet Exchange is an invitational song of hope and healing.

Search My Heart

Search My Heart

A peaceful anthem based off of Psalm 51. Recorded live at the 2018 ADGL Synod in Fort Wayne, IN.

UA Stories

Read some of the stories that have impacted us and shaped the vision of United Adoration

The UA Story

Learn about how UA started and the vision launch

Forgiven and Loved

The story of the first United Adoration songwriting retreat

Ven Espiritu

The story of the first UA multicultural retreat

The Spirit Came

A story of friendships and a UA Collaborative project


UA and Kenya: the story and songs of a 3 day journey

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