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Artists Need Theology

This Eastertide, let us recommit our vocations and creations to Him who saved and redeemed us with his broken body and shed blood. Let us study the Word, alone and with others, because what we

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When Your House is Called Good

Every Sunday, our church family has said a form of the following words as part of our weekly corporate confession: We confess that we have sinned against you, in thought, word, and deed, by what

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Humility that Harms

I wonder how many of us will go about our lives being artists unknown by the world. What glory is yet to be yielded to the Lord? What song, painting, or poem has yet to

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a person drowns underwater

Corporate Lament

We allow our emotions to be formed by Jesus in corporate worship by singing the Psalms and praying intercessions as a corporate body. Lament softens our hearts towards the objects of our prayers and teaches

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Why Lament in Worship

Lament is expressing sorrow to God and asking hard questions in the face of trial. It is all over the Bible but is missing from the modern worship service.

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woman with black cross tattoo on her face

Ash Wednesday Hymn

Derek Boemler is an Online Team Leader with United Adoration. He worked on this song, “Ash Wednesday Hymn,” at an online creative session.

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Fostering Collaboration

This is the third installment in a series of interviews with Homero Garcia, pastor of La Iglesia in Mundelein, Illinois, and Matthew Pelletier, one of the worship leaders there.  

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