Webinar with Sergio Villanueva

The relationship between pastors and artists is one of the most vital and important relationships both inside and outside of the church. Both roles function as important theological interpreters and serve as prophetic voices in our world.

You are invited to join United Adoration on October 25 as we welcome Sergio Vilanueva to discuss this crucial relationship. We’ll hear from Sergio for the first hour and then have time for your questions.

A Captivating Gift | Yellowhammer Hymns

Yellowshammer Hymns’ new album, “Safe from Harm”, is a collection of hymns was written during the COVID-19 crisis that engulfed the world in March 2020. The songs reflect the weakness and dependence forced upon Colson and Zipf as they journeyed through the uncertainty of those days coupled with other losses, trials, and adversities. The album explores how to seek and to find rest from the turmoil of life in the mercy and steadfast love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Rhythms of Rest

person sitting on boulder overlooking mountain during golden hour

Recently, my husband and I participated in an online Soul Care Cohort led by Pastor Matt Alexander. Matt has been a church planter in Miami, FL and now serves as a church planting coach in Miami, FL. Since the pandemic, he has started to Soul Care cohorts online. I met him through a mutual friend from Miami. Matt’s journey into Soul Care coaching came out of his own journey. A series of changes in his life hit in quick succession between his personal and ministry lives. He soon realized that if he didn’t make changes to his life, he was not going to make it.

Cross-Cultural Missions


A Conversation with Nick and Kathryn Kircher  After spending several years serving in Asia, Nick and Kathryn are currently on staff with United Adoration. Nick is an ethnomusicologist, someone who studies the music of the world. I asked them three questions, thinking of Terry Wildman’s upcoming talk at the UA Conference October 7-9: “Creating in […]

Can You Be Healed From Past Trauma?

Can you be healed from past trauma?

Suffering and issues of mental and physical health will always be a part of it until Jesus returns and creates all things new, and yet, God is actively recreating it right in front of our eyes. He offers healing to the blind and lame, brings peace to agitated souls, and offers the thirsty a drink of living water. 

Creativity as Soul Care

Our work as artists connects us to a Creator, whose wonderful diversity in Creation created you and me, whose works are beautiful and precious to him who created us. We nurture our souls when we spend time in God’s word, learning who he is; when we create, reflecting his glory; and when we basque in nature, letting our creativity be inspired by the wondrous diversity of God.

Does God Heal Today?

Trauma can cause us to question the goodness of God in the wake of our pain, but God can bring healing and joy to our hearts again. Read the story of Dana Standridge, a choreographer who found her faith again after a great loss.

Kintsugi People in a Fractured World

I believe that the Kintsugi art form has significant applications to those called to a vocation in music and worship arts, and to the church as a whole. We have the opportunity to live in a broken world as Kintsugi people.

Artists Need Theology

This Eastertide, let us recommit our vocations and creations to Him who saved and redeemed us with his broken body and shed blood. Let us study the Word, alone and with others, because what we believe shapes our songs, stories, and ourselves.

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