Casting the vision for the United Adoration  global community

September 27-29, 2018
Heartland Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana


A time to come together from different countries &  write new songs


A time to do live recordings of songs written by the UA community


A time to receive encouragement and blessing from our spiritual fathers

Early Bird (through August 10)


Standard Price (after August 10)


Youth (18 & under)


We do have some scholarship money available upon request. For more info, please email us.

More Retreat Info

Our Spiritual Fathers, Mothers & Brothers who will be bringing words of encouragement & blessing to the retreat attendees

Retreat Location

Heartland Church
1025 Vance Ave
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805


Retreat times

The retreat begins on Thursday, September 27 @ 9am and goes until Saturday, September 29 @ 1pm

optional extension

Saturday, September 29 @ 1pm
 Lunch & Tour of Sweetwater Sound
Sunday, September 30 @ 10am
Worship Celebration at Heartland

Join with others from around the world for 3 incredible days as we:
Write songs. Build friendships. Forge partnerships. Unleash creativity. Enjoy God’s presence. Eat good food. Fuel vision. Get recharged. Be encouraged. Minister passionately.

The UA Global retreat is truly a unique opportunity. It’s not a conference or a seminar, it’s a sacred experience. For 3 days, people from around the world will gather together in a space we set aside to minister to the Lord through writing songs of worship, build relationships with like-hearted brothers and sisters, and be encouraged by spiritual fathers and mothers who want to build up a generation of songwriters. It will also be a time to hear stories of healing from some UA community members, and hear the vision for UA’s future.

We are working hard to create a restful, creative, and sacred space and retreat schedule to allow the Lord to minister to us as we minister to Him. Heartland Church has many creative spaces carved throughout the building that will allow you and others to collaborate on songs during Creative Times. We will have several keyboards set up throughout the church and a few guitars on hand; however, we encourage you, if you are able, to bring the instrument you feel most comfortable with you to the retreat. Don’t worry, we will have a packet to help jump start your creativity here when you arrive!

We will also offer Song Shares throughout the retreat where you can give and receive encouraging and helpful feedback for the songs you’re working on. As relationships and partnerships form, it’s important to share meals together as well. So, lunch and dinner (as well as tea, coffee, and snacks) will be covered as part of the retreat cost. And as with most of our retreats, we will have optional, built in outings in the evenings to connect with fellow attendees.

And of course, we don’t want to neglect our sacred time with God. There will be several times throughout the retreat where we will have services of ministry and worship. In fact, the end of our time together will culminate in a precious worship time of coming to the table of the Lord, and being encouraged by our spiritual fathers and mothers. 

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