No Looking Back

by Christine & Justin Clifton, Ryan Maike and Dave Frincke

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A Collaborative Work

“One of the amazing things about United Adoration is that it brings artists together that would not normally do so otherwise. Four of us worked to complete the song and in and hour it was completed. We had just enough time to input it in to the computer and teach the band how to play it before Synod began. A feeling I can’t describe welled up within me as I heard the entire Synod gathering joining in worship and declaration as they sang a song that the Lord used to heal my own heart. We sang it every day in our gathering. After the final sending out, Bishop Ron Jackson said that the song was not only a theme for our time together at 2017 Synod, but a marching song for the diocese in this season. ” – Christine Clifton

Song Details

No Looking Back
By Christine & Justin Clifton, Ryan Maike & Dave Frincke
Written at a UA Retreat in Fort Wayne, IN




You sent Your Son into this world to comfort, heal and love
To break the chains of darkness, freedom from above
Your faithful Son completed the work You sent Him to do
You breathed on us Your breath, oh God
Now You’re sending us too

And I will go without reserve
And I will go and not retreat
And I will go without regrets
The cross is before, I’m not looking back
My hand’s to the plow, Lord, there’s no looking back

Lord, now You’re sending us out into the world
Your Kingdom come here on the earth in and through me
No longer dead, raised up in Christ, I’m alive with You
And by Your power living in us greater things we will do

Here I am, Lord send me