united adoration: online

in addition to our in-person retreats and events, we have many opportunities for artists to connect and create online.


We gather artists around the world, developing community and connection using social media and Zoom calls to discuss the arts, theology, and the creative process.


We host creative sessions that unite artists from a variety of disciplines to collaborate in community. We also host worship arts shares that are a safe place for artists to come and receive encouragement and prayer.

What is a Song Share?
What is a Poetry Share? 


We adore the Great Creator in unity with artists online by sharing testimonies from artists around the world through our social media channels and in collaboration with other outlets. In all that we do, our focus is a desire to see God’s global community worshipping in the Holy Spirit with unity and creativity.

Connect With United Adoration Online

Catherine Miller

Online Team Leader

Melissa McKinney

Associate Online Team Leader

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