UA Stories & Songs

The UA Story

In 2011, a spiritual father gave an assignment to one of his spiritual sons. That assignment resulted in a collection of 10 liturgical songs that seeded the vision of United Adoration.

Forgiven & Loved

Over 20 perfect strangers from across the US gathered in a beautiful church in Oak Park for a three day retreat not knowing what to expect. This is the story of the first UA Retreat. 

Ven Espiritu

God released creativity before when songwriters got together in a spirit of humility & collaboration. But this was the first time we ever tried it cross-culturally. This is our story.

The Spirit Came

This is really the product of how God has helped us forge friendships and partnerships across languages, nationalities, and song styles as we pursue His worship & healing within His Church.


In August 2017, over 70 people from five nations gathered at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya for a three day UA songwriting retreat. This is our story. 

Adoremos Juntos

Every missionary movement is accompanied by a new song. It’s our desire that these songs not only unify the Anglican Church in the Americas, but also propel us to the mission that God has given us.

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