Sweet Exchange

by Adam Drake, Dave Frincke & Paul de la Peña

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Collaborative Writing and Recording

Over 12 songwriters from 3 different states gathered at Star City Studios in El Paso, Texas for a 2 day songwriting retreat. Beautiful friendships and partnerships were born as songwriters interacted with prayers, hymns & Scriptures about Healing. Powerful songs were written. The group had a unique opportunity to record one of the songs that was written during the retreat. Sweet Exchange was written by 3 of the songwriters, but  it was fine tuned and arranged by the entire group.

Song Details

Sweet Exchange
By Adam Drake, Dave Frincke & Paul de la Peña
Written at a UA Retreat in El Paso, Texas





Christ is here, Christ is willing, present with us now
Standing close, next to you in resurrection power
As He enters in, enters in to your body and your soul
He initiates a sweet exchange, His healing for your pain

If you’re weak, cry out, He hears you
If you’re sick, reach out, He is willing to heal you
Restore you and fill you with His healing and His peace

He stands by you, turning the darkness of your pain (shame)
Into the dawning light, the dawning light of His Kingdom
Of His Kingdom

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