United, Not Uniform

On a weekend in January, I had the privilege to attend my first United Adoration songwriting retreat in Mountain View, CA, nestled in Silicon Valley. I haven’t had a worship experience quite like this before, in which I felt peculiarly connected to the present (and to the Present One), offering to God in the form of song what was my current emotional state, and sharing that song in worship with my fellow songwriters. I’ve been in a season in which I find myself insatiably and sometimes, if I’m honest, despairingly hungry for the Lord’s presence. To that end, it was a spiritually nourishing weekend. – Arend Jessurun

Song Details

The Risen Jesus
By Arend Jessurun
Written at a UA Retreat in Mountain View, CA




If there’s a place where the lilies bloom,
if He has risen beyond the tomb,
hear my petition to know His wounds
that I may see Him, the risen Jesus.

And I will yield Him my wary heart,
my desperation, my doubtful dark,
and He will meet me and show His scars
that I may see Him, the risen Jesus.

In desolation, in fear and dread,
You are my Champion all crowned in red
for our salvation, to raise the dead
that we may be with the risen Jesus.

I’ll wait in wonder to see His face,
where unbelief is met with His grace
all to receive Him who took my place
that I may see Him, the risen Jesus.

I’ll take the cup and the broken bread,
I’ll find Him living in my own stead,
the Son of heaven, Who once lay dead,
that I may see Him, the risen Jesus.

I’m going with Him to walk His way,
the way of suffering for others’ sake,
to see my Dearest in every face
that I may see Him, the risen Jesus.