“I have often hoped for a collaborative community where I could set aside the allure of perfection and give myself fully to the creation of the songs I carry in my soul. United Adoration cultivates a sacred space and the margin needed to encounter the Holy Spirit and respond creatively.”

– Christina Jelinek

“As a creative person serving in the Church, sometimes I feel like giving up… how will this retreat help me?”


We’re Glad You Asked

You’re not alone in navigating the challenges of being a creative artist in the Church. Our retreats help you unite with other artists in your area, create art that is meaningful to you & your community and adore God together. By attending a United Adoration retreat, you will grow in your calling to share a unique message that impacts your local church and community through what you create.

“Can you give me a taste of what happens at these retreats?”


Yes! Watch this video

A United Adoration retreat is designed to be a Sacred Space where artists come together for a dedicated time of creativity, collaboration and encouragement. 

Our retreats are places where Christian artists from different churches can worship, pray, and create together. Each retreat has a theme based on what the local leaders feel the need or desire is of their community. We want to build a stronger relationship between artists, church leadership, and fellow congregation members

Spiritual Atmosphere
We believe that when we gather to worship and create, the Holy Spirit does deep work in our souls. We intentionally leave space during our retreats for the Holy Spirit to care for the soul of the artist.

When & Who?
Our retreats are typically conducted within a 24 hour time period. A common example would be starting at 6pm on a Friday night and ending at 6pm on Saturday. Our retreats are open to artists of all ages and experience levels.

What Are People Saying?

“In a cultural world-view that is often more about competition and success it is wonderfully refreshing to see the generous work and results that United Adoration is achieving.”

Andy Piercy

London, England

“Whenever there is Revival — new songs are written!  United Adoration builds a community that fosters the collaboration of the church creating new songs and fostering artistic expressions for this generation.”

William Beasley

Missioner General, Greenhouse Movement

“Participating in a United Adoration songwriting retreat and witnessing God’s tender and powerful work among His people served to fan a flame in me.”

Moses Kimani

Nairobi, Kenya

“I have enjoyed learning some new things through the speakers and meeting people from all over the world. It’s been stretching to lean in during worship and scripture reading and discern my response in art.”

Barb Yoder

Fort Wayne, IN

“For years, I had longed to provide a space for “wrought iron worship”, where artists of various disciplines could be forged in the Holy Spirit’s fire, sharpened and empowered by one another in their artistry, story and song.”

Elise Massa

Pittsburgh, PA

“For us at City Church the songwriting retreat gave us time and space to write songs for our local church context. It brought Baptists, Lutherans, and Anglican’s together to share in encouraging one another to create.”

Devin Pogue

Minneapolis, MN

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