About United Adoration

We are on a mission to revitalize the creativity of the local church by empowering artists to create in their own language, culture, and context.

Sacred Space

We host retreats in various artistic disciplines at churches in your neighborhood and around the world where the Holy Spirit is invited to release creativity and care for the soul of the artist.

Creative Community

We train local leaders to develop rhythms of ongoing artistic collaboration, encouragement, and unity among churches and movements.

Local & Global Mission

We inspire leaders around the world to encourage local artists to create art that leads the Church forward in mission.

Our Home & Leadership

United Adoration is under the covering of Heartland Church Fort Wayne in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Click here to see the ACNA’s statement of faith. We are part of the Global Mission Partners network of GAFCON. We also partner with churches, denominations and ministries all around the world.

Rev. Dave Frincke

Global Movement Leader of United Adoration

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