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what you need to know about hosting a united adoration retreat

What is a UA Retreat?

A United Adoration retreat is a dedicated time for artists of all ages and skill levels to come together in your church (or other venue) to create, collaborate, and build community. As a host, you work directly with a trained and certified United Adoration Retreat Leader to plan & run the retreat.

A UA Retreat can be focused on a single artistic discipline (e.g. Songwriting, Visual Arts, Dance, Poetry) or multiple disciplines. (e.g. Visual Arts & Creative Writing, Songwriting & Visual Arts)

What is the schedule of a UA Retreat?

A typical UA Retreat begins on Friday evening and ends Saturday before dinner. The start and end times for each day vary depending on the schedule and availability of the host church or venue. If our typical retreat schedule is not possible at the host church or venue, we are happy to do our best to adjust to meet your unique needs.

Each UA Retreat is centered around each participant engaging with the Holy Spirit during the creative process. There are longer periods of “Creative Time” during the retreat where artists have the time and space they need to create and collaborate with other participants.

In addition, we have dedicated times throughout the retreat for devotions and prayer.


Does a UA Retreat have a theme?

Yes! Each UA Retreat has a theme that is meaningful or timely to the host church. The theme for the retreat serves as the devotional-center for the retreat and gives inspiration for the creative process.

Examples of retreat themes:

  • Advent
  • Hope
  • Rescue
  • Pentecost
  • Healing
  • Freedom

Once the host and United Adoration Retreat Leader decide on a theme, we put together a unique Inspiration Packet for your retreat. An Inspiration packet is a collection of Scriptures, artwork, liturgies, prayers, and hymn lyrics based on the chosen theme. Each participant receives an Inspiration Packet to use during the retreat.

How much does a UA Retreat cost?

Church budgets are tight. We get it. Many of our United Adoration staff members and retreat leaders are Pastors and on staff at their home churches as well, so we understand that every dollar counts. Our heart is to make a UA Retreat as accessible as possible for your church.

In order to host a UA Retreat, the host church makes the following contributions:

  • Space for the UA Retreat – This could be the church building or another venue.
  • Printing of the UA Retreat materials – Every participant will need a schedule and Inspiration Packet (12 color pages).
  • Food & Hospitality for the participants – Typically this will include a couple of meals, drinks, and snacks. As the host, you are free to decide whether you want to cater or use your own hospitality teams. 
  • If we do not have a certified United Adoration Retreat Leader close to you, we request that the host church considers paying for their travel and lodging.

United Adoration’s Responsibilities

  • We work with you, the host, before, during, and after the retreat to help make it an incredible experience for everyone involved.
  • Our UA Retreat Leader works with you to create an official schedule and Inspiration Packet for the retreat.
  • We charge a modest registration fee when people register for a UA Retreat. We handle all the registration money and use it to give a stipend to the UA Retreat Leader and operate our ministry around the world.
  • We handle all of the administrative aspects of the retreat (so you don’t have to!)

How do people find out about the UA Retreat?

The primary group of participants for a UA Retreat are the artists who attend the host church. It’s important that the UA Retreat is well advertised at the host church and congregant members are personally invited.

We also encourage the host church to invite other artists in the area. Some good ways to do this would be to invite partner churches or ministries to attend, share the UA Retreat on your social media channels, and advertise locally.

United Adoration also spreads the word about the retreat through our social media channels, email lists, and personal invitations of artists we know who live in the area.

You can download and use these promotional resources at your church and in your city:


A collection of United Adoration logos to use on slides, flyers, and social media


A collection of United Adoration logos to use on slides, flyers, and social media

Print & Social

A collection of flyers, on-screen graphics, and social media images

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