Art Begets Artists

At United Adoration retreats, we fill the area with visual art and begin the session with worship music. The idea is to create an atmosphere ideally suited to the creative process. If you ever attend one of our retreats, you’ll find a space so full of beauty and creative energy that you can’t help but […]

Steps of Growing as an Artist

Growing as an artist isn’t a science. It’s… well, it’s an art. But I’ve still found there’s a certain rhythm and pattern to developing artistic talent, and I’d like to outline that for you. I see six steps in growing as an artist. ExplorationThe first stage of growing as an artist is simply experiencing what […]

The Power of a Pastor’s Encouragement

An interview with Pastor Homero Garcia and Matthew Pelletier about what it looks like at their church, La Iglesia in Mundelein, Illinois, to encourage artistic expressions of worship. Part 1 of 3.

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