The Grief Eclipse

April 8, 2024 was a total eclipse of the sun that passed through the heart of our state. I felt a strong prompting of the Holy Spirit that my husband and I were to drive the hour or two that it would take to go where we could witness the full eclipse in its path […]

Art Begets Artists

At United Adoration retreats, we fill the area with visual art and begin the session with worship music. The idea is to create an atmosphere ideally suited to the creative process. If you ever attend one of our retreats, you’ll find a space so full of beauty and creative energy that you can’t help but […]

Pharisees, Rebels, and Good Art

Talk to ten people in the art world about what right and wrong look like, and you’ll get eleven different opinions. Should the characters in your script be more diverse, or is it cultural appropriation to write stories for people whose experiences you haven’t lived? Should you strip the swear words out of your work, […]

It’s Not All About You

As an artist, it can be tempting to get caught up in self. Pride tells you that when you’re successful, it’s all because of who you are and what you did. It also lies to you and says that when your art doesn’t reach the audience, it’s because you’re fallen, broken, and sinful. But while […]

Depicting the Other

This world is full of all manner of different people, and we have a long history of dividing ourselves into arbitrary groups and using that as an excuse to dehumanize and abuse each other. It’s a tense area, and as artists, we’re particularly sensitive to that, and we long in our hearts to make the […]

Growing Your Ideas

I find that as art grows and matures, it passes through several stages, each of which has its own challenges and requires its own outlook. Seed Stage The first stage in growing your idea is, of course, having the idea in the first place. If you’re a dreamer like me, it’s easy to overvalue this […]

Education and the Arts

In a previous post, I mentioned six steps of growing as an artist, and they showed a nice progression from starting out to maturity. But there was one that didn’t fit neatly into the series: education. By “education”, I mean in part that you need to study your craft. There’s a lot of art that […]


The making of art requires precious time, energy, and money. But more than that, it requires investing yourself in it, almost as if every piece of art you make has a little piece of your soul incorporated into it. When my work is rejected, it feels like the person isn’t just rejecting what I did […]

Diligence as an Offering

As artists, we all enjoy the times when inspiration gushes from the fountain, when everything flows easily and smoothly and we love what we’re doing. In those times, it’s easy to create art. But other times, you go to the well, you pump the handle until your arm aches, and all you get is a […]

Heavenly Resonance

Plato believed that this world, while it existed, was not the most real world out there. He was convinced there was another world, one of ideal forms of how things should be, and that everything in this world was an inferior copy of this superior realm. He used his famous Allegory of the Cave to […]

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