April 8, 2024 was a total eclipse of the sun that passed through the heart of our state. I felt a strong prompting of the Holy Spirit that my husband and I were to drive the hour or two that it would take to go where we could witness the full eclipse in its path of totality.

Just three days before the eclipse, my life took a sudden, unexpected turn when my sweet man of God went home to Heaven. I still had the strong desire to go see the full eclipse, and since I didn’t want to take this adventure alone, I commandeered my brother’s widow to share it.

The Lord was so present with us and guided us where to set up our observation site. We wound up on the courthouse lawn in a small community similar to the one near where I was raised. I felt safe and at home with those who were set up on the lawn around us. It was reminiscent of the days of my childhood when we assembled on our own courthouse lawn awaiting our big, annual parade and town’s celebration.

As the moon traversed across the face of the blazing sun, we felt a cool breeze rising and replacing the oppressive heat of the midday sun. The street lights snapped on, and the darkness quickly crept in and became black as night around us. As the last pinpoint of light disappeared, a shout of praise erupted from our crowd of witnesses, and behind me I actually heard the song “The Dark Side of the Moon” coursing through the air. Chills ran up my back, and I felt the presence of God fill me!

As I removed my protective glasses and beheld the glorious, full corona of the sun and moon together, I noticed that it appeared to be a black hole in the sky. Then grief seized my heart. I told the Lord I felt like I was in that black hole and He replied, “You are. But look around it! You are surrounded by My light, My love, and the prayers of My saints. And in a little while, you will see that there will be a tiny pinpoint of light again, and it will continue to grow and become as bright as it was before.”

And as I waited, there appeared, as promised, that tiny pinpoint of light coupled with the strains of “Here Comes the Sun” blaring out from behind me! The young man with the music had transformed my experience into a most holy moment with my Creator! I knew that my Heavenly Father sees me and knows right where I am, and He will guide me through my darkest hour back into His marvelous light.

Rose E. Lehman
April 20, 2024
United Adoration Retreat

For further inspiration on this theme of light out of darkness, listen to:

‘O Gracious Light’ by Elise Massa & Andy Clark, from the album ‘Downcast Souls Expectant Hearts’ from Resound Worship.

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  1. Thank you for posting this on my Sweetheart’s birthday. It was a very difficult day for me. Not just because it was his birthday and he was no longer here for our traditional nice dinner out and romantic movie, but because I was on an unexpected trip to Tulsa Oklahoma for another funeral. Our Godson, who spoke at my husband’s funeral, had learned just 4 days after my husband died, his own son lost his life also. He didn’t say anything about it the day of our funeral. He told me just the day before my husband’s birthday, and that his son’s funeral would be the day after his birthday. So, I had to quickly book my flights down there. I spent his birthday alone on airplanes in transit to Oklahoma with many memories and conversations with the Lord flooding my mind. So, thank you again for choosing April 25th to post this.

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