The 1st Retreat

Over 20 perfect strangers from across the US gathered in a beautiful church in Oak Park for a three day retreat not knowing what to expect. And frankly, neither did Justin and Dave. It was a grand experiment. Using some prayers, Bible verses, and liturgical elements, the attendees went to work collaborating on writing songs of worship to the Lord.

The three days passed quickly with the sweet presence of God resting over the retreat, and creativity was released. The final moments of that weekend was taking communion together and singing some of the songs we, complete strangers days before, had written together.

Song Details

Forgiven and Loved
By Ryan Flanigan and Drew Collins
Written at a UA Retreat in Oak Park, IL




Almighty God, our Heavenly Father
Who promised in His grace forgiveness of sins
To all who with heartfelt repentance turn to Him in faith
Have mercy on you, pardon and deliver you from all your sins
Confirm and strengthen you in all goodness
And lead you to everlasting life
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

You are forgiven, forgiven and loved in Christ