I’ve Got You

Many thanks to my friend, Stacy, who allowed me to tell her story. It was a lion—right in my face! Our noses were almost touching! Fierce love burned in his eyes and the wind whipped back his massive mane. “I’ve got you! Now go paint!” I awoke with a start and, even though it was […]

Retreat Testimony: Debra Kornfield

lighted we are all made of stories red neon wall signage inside room

Debra Kornfield is a writer in Pennsylvania. She wrote the book, All I See is Grace and writer for her blog, “But God.” She recently attended a retreat with UA leader Elise Massa.

Song Story: “O Great Physician”

During the months that followed, my husband and I spent time working on the song’s lyrics together, and we posted the final lyrics to the United Adoration Creates group, receiving the thumbs up that we were at a stopping point. 

What On Earth Is a PoetryShare?

black and gray typerwriter

I’m so glad you asked–and now that United Adoration has hosted its first ever PoetryShare, I can answer your burning question! Last week, six people gathered over Zoom as poets and lovers of poetry for an hour of fellowship in Christ.  The gathering was intimate; but then, how could it not be, if we’re sharing […]

What On Earth Is a SongShare?

silhouette of people standing on mirror during golden hour

Every artist, in any medium, knows the feeling of working alone. Whether it’s a matter of focusing best in solitude, or of not knowing anyone who shares your vision, we all know that place where we sit with ourselves and our work. Sometimes, it’s a place of blissful solitude, where we get in the flow […]

What On Earth Is an Online Creative Session?

person holding click pen

This weekend, United Adoration hosted another one of its Online Creative Sessions. You may have seen these events advertised on social media, or someone may have invited you to one, which may have left you wondering, “What on earth is an Online Creative Session?” Good question! UA—like everyone else—has had to get creative in responding […]

Songwriting For Transformation

No words can fully express what we saw unveiling before our eyes as a dirty street was made clean by a bunch of people whose impetus for clearing out the trash was to honor Jesus and help create a better living environment for their brothers and sisters in the slum.

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