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“I wrote this song as part of the United Adoration / Resound Worship songwriting day, where the task was to get a song written in a handful of hours!

This song is inspired by Psalm 18, particularly the opening 3 verses which describe God as an impenetrable force of protection for his people. The fantastically strong words ‘strength, rock, fortress, shield, stronghold’ alongside the protective ‘refuge, deliverer, salvation’ portray the fierce and powerful love God has for us.

These are truths that I’ve often clung onto as a Christian in my life, but with the backdrop of the pandemic, they seemed to take on extra weight. When the worldy things we so often rely upon are in disarray, we can put our trust in Him, the Lord of all.

Learning to trust God is something that’s been pretty big for me over the last few months especially. Trusting Him with my health, the health and wellbeing of my family, and also trusting Him with my employment. I’ve had a job for over ten years as a piano vocalist playing in a beautiful hotel restaurant – which has been closed since the pandemic, with no promise of my job returning. For many years the thought of unemployment has really worried me, but over the last couple of months I’ve been learning to trust God, and seen amazing provision come our way, alongside peace about the future. It’s still a learning process though!” – Andy Clark

Song Info

When My World is Shaking
By Andy Clark
Copyright info:
When my world is shaking | © Andy Clark 2020 |

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  1. This is beautiful Andy. Your words, voice and music created a calming peace which is SO comforting.

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