You Made Us in Your Image

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You Made Us in Your Image

by Kate Bluett (words) and Catherine Miller (music)

This hymn was a collaboration of Catherine Miller and Kate Bluett. Catherine asked if anyone would write a poem based on Melanie’s image of the Prayer for Social Justice in the Book of Common Prayer in the UA Creates Slack Channel. Kate started the poem in a UA Online Creative Session.  

Song Details

You Made Us In Your Image
Words by Kate Bluett (Dallas, TX)
Music by Catherine Miller (Tallahassee, FL)

On the Recording
Voice, Megan Young 
Viola, Clara Clifton
Piano, Catherine Miller

Written in collaboration through UA Creates Slack channel and a UA Creative Session

Art by Melanie Johnson (Thomasville, GA)
Prayers: Book of Common Prayer 2019





Almighty God, you made us in your image, each one of us is born to show your face. As Triune God, you suffer no division,
unite us by your all-suffusing grace.

Give fearlessness when we contend with evil;
let us refuse to give oppression peace.
You give us, Lord, the freedom of your people;
give courage, too, ’til all oppression cease.

Oh, let us use the gifts you give us rightly for justice in our homes and in our lands until the glory of your name shines brightly and not a stone of death’s dominion stands.

All praise the Father, all who bear God’s image,
and praise the ever-living, loving Son.
All praise the Spirit, guiding still our mission to live and love ’til all may live as one.

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