The Vitality of Collaboration

by Hunter Lynch “If you want it done right, do it yourself” is a phrase often used in a half-joking, half-serious way, typically in the context of collaborative efforts. If the words “Group Project” give you traumatic flashbacks to grade school, then this phrase may have found its way into your daily routine, during a […]

A Captivating Gift | Yellowhammer Hymns

Yellowshammer Hymns’ new album, “Safe from Harm”, is a collection of hymns was written during the COVID-19 crisis that engulfed the world in March 2020. The songs reflect the weakness and dependence forced upon Colson and Zipf as they journeyed through the uncertainty of those days coupled with other losses, trials, and adversities. The album explores how to seek and to find rest from the turmoil of life in the mercy and steadfast love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The Spirit Came

“The Spirit Came” is really the product of how God has helped us forge friendships and partnerships across languages, nationalities, and song styles


In August 2017, over 70 people from five nations gathered at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya for a three day UA songwriting retreat.

Ven Espíritu

God released creativity before when songwriters got together in a spirit of humility and collaboration. But this was the first time we ever tried it cross-culturally.

Forgiven and Loved

Over 20 perfect strangers from across the US gathered in a beautiful church in Oak Park for a three day retreat not knowing what to expect. This is the story of the first UA Retreat.  UA Retreat Story. When Dave and Justin first started UA, it wasn’t with the grandest vision in the world. They […]

Songs and Prayers for the Eucharist

In 2011, a spiritual father gave an assignment to one of his spiritual sons. That assignment resulted in a collection of 10 liturgical songs that seeded the vision of United Adoration. This is the UA story.  The UA story. In 2011, Ron Allen walked into his worship leader’s office. “Dave, I have an assignment for […]

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