A Little Help From Friends

“One of the things I love about UA Retreats is being able to get ideas and feedback. I was attending a Pentecost themed retreat in Fort Wayne, Indiana and this particular poem struck me. I was playing around with some melodies but there was a part that wasn’t quite right. During a songshare and feedback time at the retreat, I played the section that I was having trouble with and got some great feedback and advise. I made some adjustmenets and finished the song. I’m so thankful for the spirit of collaboration at UA Retreats! ” – Dave Frincke

Song Details

The Spirit Came
By Dave Frincke
Written at a UA Retreat in Fort Wayne, IN





The Spirit came and Your Church was born
In wind and fire and words of power
The Spirit came blowing fear aside
And in its place weak hearts were stronger

And the Spirit of the Lord now fills the whole, whole world
Alleluia, Alleluia

The Spirit came as Your Word foretold
With dreams and signs, vision and wonders
The Spirit came and is here today
To feed the hearts of a world that hungers