Experience UA at the ACNA Provincial Assembly

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United Adoration is excited to be a part of the Anglican Church of North America assembly this year in Chicago, Mission on our Doorstep! As a part of the Greenhouse Movement, we are on mission to connect the Church together through the adoration of God.

There is a couple ways to get involved:

On Tuesday before the Assembly begins, we’re hosting a songwriting retreat open to writers of all ages, stages, and backgrounds. We have had songwriters attend that are just beginning, as young as 6, all the way to professionals; English speakers and Spanish speakers and beyond; all are welcome. As we carve out time together to commune with God, you’ll be able to connect with a vibrant community of songwriters from around the continent and create new songs together for the glory of the Lord. We have seen some amazing fruit come out of these songwriting retreats, both with songs and relationships formed.

What can you expect at the UA pre-conference retreat?

We make space. Sacred space to connect with God. Space to build community together. Space to express our creativity through writing songs of worship. Space to encourage and build each other up as we help each other through the songwriting process. Space to worship together. All the while, we write for the glory of God and to bring fresh songs from songwriters all over the world to our local congregations.

“The retreat was a small gathering of friendly creative people who simply wanted to serve God with music – people who wanted to help write fresh new liturgical music. These were brothers and sisters in the faith who were open to collaboration, ready to give and receive useful feedback, and happy to share contact information for future collaboration and feedback.The retreat opened and closed with worship; we all left with more enthusiasm and courage to follow our callings.”
-Jenn, Past Retreat Attendee
(Read more about Jenn’s story here).

How about the UA sub-conference during the assembly?

Throughout the rest of the assembly, we’ll be hosting sessions that share the vision and heart of United Adoration with testimonials of what God has been doing, how UA can help local congregations, and how worshiping together builds up the church and releases mission. This is integral for any worship leader, songwriter, congregational leader looking for a fresh way to get your local community and network of churches to the next level to collaborate together with new worship songs.

We’ll show you what a retreat looks like, share some stories of healing, mission, and new friendships, and introduce you to how some of this music can fit into a vibrant worship service of any size or shape. We’ll also share our heart for our mission and how God is using UA to bring His Church together on common purpose.

How can you sign up for all this?

It’s going to be held at Wheaton College in Chicago, June 27-29. You must be registered for this event online to participate.

If you haven’t already signed up, you can go to https://missiononourdoorstep.com.
When registering for the Assembly , please mark that you’ll be attending the United Adoration subconference and the “Pre-Conference United Adoration”.

We hope you can make it! We’ll have CDs available of some the music, English and Spanish, that has come out of our locally based retreats around the country as well. If you have any questions about registration, the retreat, or anything else about what we do and who we are, please email or call us at: (260) 483-1770.

UA’s mission is to create and release fresh music for the Sacramental Church. The heart of UA is to do this together as a worldwide, diverse community of songwriters based in their local congregations.  


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