1. Why do you create?

I create because it is super good for me to create. When I am overcome with emotions and feelings I can’t shake, I create in order to process them. I believe that creating is God’s naturally given therapy for His people. But theologically, I believe creating is what is required of us as God’s children; we were created by our Creator to create. 

2. What experiences contributed to you becoming a musician (or whatever you discipline is)?

When I was very young, my older sister took up singing, and later on she exposed me to songwriting. I was always on a music team singing harmonies, and grew up in church singing solos and contributing to the youth group band. The exposure in my youth made it mandatory for me to use my talents in church as an adult.

3. What do you consider your full-time job?

My full time job is worship arts ministry in church and for United Adoration. 

4. Have you engaged in any new creative expression during the pandemic? Or perhaps started doing again something that you’d previously enjoyed?

I started to play ukulele and more banjo because I have had to record for church and wanted to fill out the sound.

5. How can you use your gifts to bless the people around you?

I try to find gaps in areas that I have the capacity to fill, whether it is musical help, event planning, project management, or anything else. Sometimes I get discouraged by the oversaturation of music nowadays, but I hope that when I do make music, it will reach those people that really need it. 

6. How would you encourage people like you?

I would encourage people like me to not give up and keep making music, even if it is for their own selves. The creating is what is important, not necessarily the audience. God chooses what audience will be present for your songs; and He will use them in the way He will. Something that has helped me through the years is remembering that this life is not a race to the finish to then look back and see how much success has occurred with my music. God created me to make music and the gift of that will never end, even in the new heavens and new earth. This is just the beginning. Having this eternal perspective helps me not feel the pressure of gaining respect or success in this life, but to always look forward to what God has starting now and forever. 

7. How has the ministry of UA helped you?

UA has helped me tremendously with my songwriting output. Because of feeling discouraged by a lack of success in my songwriting, I have been encouraged to keep at it, and write better songs, and write more songs. I find my fulfillment in helping others on their songwriting journey, so UA has been instrumental in my finding my calling as a worship arts missionary. 

Rachel Wilhelm is the USA Team Leader for United Adoration and a church worship leader. Her albums are available on Bandcamp and you can listen to her podcast interview with Dave Frincke here

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