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Yellowshammer Hymns’ new album, “Safe from Harm”, is a collection of hymns was written during the COVID-19 crisis that engulfed the world in March 2020. The songs reflect the weakness and dependence forced upon Colson and Zipf as they journeyed through the uncertainty of those days coupled with other losses, trials, and adversities. The album explores how to seek and to find rest from the turmoil of life in the mercy and steadfast love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Ash Wednesday Hymn

woman with black cross tattoo on her face

Derek Boemler is an Online Team Leader with United Adoration. He worked on this song, “Ash Wednesday Hymn,” at an online creative session.

You Made Us in Your Image

“You Made Us in Your Image” is a hymn based on a prayer in the Book of Common Prayer 2019. The prayer inspired an artist to make an image in their local church, which was shared in the UA Slack group, which inspired a poet to craft a song in a UA Creative Session, and after collaboration was completed and returned to the local church and shared at a Sunday morning service.

Daughter Zion’s Woe

Daughter Zion’s Woe, a new album from the indie group Cardiphonia and Liturgy Fellowship, an international group of liturgically-minded musicians and songwriters

When My World is Shaking

brown concrete castle under black clouds during daytime

This song is inspired by Psalm 18, particularly the opening 3 verses which describe God as an impenetrable force of protection for his people.

Search My Heart – A Song Story

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