The Grief Eclipse

April 8, 2024 was a total eclipse of the sun that passed through the heart of our state. I felt a strong prompting of the Holy Spirit that my husband and I were to drive the hour or two that it would take to go where we could witness the full eclipse in its path […]

Lead Me to the Water

“So even the creative work of one person depends on others to make it what it is. But each of us is commissioned by God to create in multiple domains of life.” Curt Thompson, M.D. What does it look like for an artist to follow Jesus? To date, I am a homeschooling mother of three […]


United Adoration recently partnered with Heartland Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana to host our first-ever writing workshop: “The Art of Writing God Stories.”  United Adoration staff member Kathryn Kircher gives some insights as to why our God stories are so important. As a harried mom of five young children, one of the highlights of each […]

Does God Heal Today?

Trauma can cause us to question the goodness of God in the wake of our pain, but God can bring healing and joy to our hearts again. Read the story of Dana Standridge, a choreographer who found her faith again after a great loss.

Introducing United Adoration’s New Logo

United Adoration has a new logo! We are excited to share the story behind our new symbol. United Adoration works with artists and pastors to revitalize the creativity of the local church in order to minister to the Lord and His people, and our new logo reflects this work. The design is inspired by the story of the artist Bezalel (Exodus 31) and the chestpiece designed for the high priest to wear as he ministered to the Lord (Exodus 28).

But Will God Really Live on Earth?

green and white crystal fragment

“We are on a mission to revitalize the creativity of the local church by empowering artists to write music & create art in their own language, culture, and context.”

The Calling in the Crushing

It is obvious that music has been a means of powerful expression for my soul. But to what end? Thomas Aquinas writes, “A song is the exultation of the mind dwelling on eternal things, bursting forth in the voice.” The hardship of our lives primes us for those outbursts of sorrow and joy, and songs and poems allow us to transcend our present sufferings by shifting our focus to the eternal. They give us the ability to fulfill our “chief end,” to both glorify and enjoy God forever. They re-center our lives, reorder our hearts, and reset our minds on Truth. 

Songwriting with the Nations

man in blue denim jeans playing brown acoustic guitar

Awaken! An Online Bilingual Advent-Themed Songwriting Retreat
2020.11.22 Yesterday, Ryan Maike, Mike Fox, Javier Contesse and I led a bilingual songwriting creative session with five attendees representing five different countries: Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, and USA. Nine new songs were written, including one in English.

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